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Submersible pumps
Household submersible electric pumps are devices that are completely submerged under water. One important advantage is their simple design, which makes operation- and maintenance-friendly. Each owner will appreciate their effectiveness and wide range of application. Our pumps are ideal for water delivery from a borehole or well up to 80 meters. The head is guaranteed by high power and productivity from 360 to 1500 liters per hour.
You can buy a submersible pump in Ukraine at wholesale by contacting us, we will be happy to assist you in choosing the equipment and make fast delivery directly from our own warehouse.


3 meters
Head of water
40-80 meters
540 l / h, 720 l / h, 3.5 m3 / h
Pipe diameter
More than 100 mm


Submersible pumps are of 2 types:

  • - submersible borehole pump. It is placed in the water column at a distance from the source bottom. It creates minimum noise and vibration. The advantage of such device is the ability to pump water from boreholes several tens of meters deep. In addition, such pump has drainage features and is capable of pumping even contaminated water.
  • - submersible well pump. This appliance is lowered directly into the well to a shallow depth. Such pump is used to deliver clean water without impurities.


According to the principle of operation, submersible pumps are divided into vibration and centrifugal

Submersible vibration pumps are ones of the simplest electric pumps in design. Their operation is based on changing air and water pressure in the inner chamber by way of reciprocating movements of pump piston. These pumps have no rotating parts and no drive motor, so they are easy to maintain and repair.

Centrifugal electric pump for boreholes is a pump inside of which centrifugal force is created, which pushes water upward. It is suitable for deeper submergence and water supply from boreholes several tens of meters deep. In addition, most of them have a forced cooling system.

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