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Lower water intake

Water pump Fontan

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Rated power consumption
350 watts
Nominal head
40 m
Rated volumetric water delivery
720 l / h
Number of valves
Inner diameter of connection ports
Rated supply voltage
220 V
50 Hz
no more than 3.4 kg
Electric shock protection class
Moisture protection level
Rated operating mode
Maximum working submergence
Pump description

Household electric pump «Fontan» is used for fresh water uptake from any kind of reservoir and is used for working with tubular boreholes (if their diameter is more than 10 cm). The maximum working depth is up to 40 meters.

The pump operates with a lower water intake system. It has three valves. This provides sufficient pump capacity. It can deliver up to 720 l / h.

This pump is suitable for a great amount of work: providing water supply to a country house, watering a garden, homesite or vegetable garden.

Video instructions of connecting household electric pump BRIZ

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