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Surface pumps

Owner of a detached house or a summer cottage often has household issues related to water. But we affirm: purchase of «Briz» electric water pumps deals with them simply and inexpensively.
Surface pumps
Surface electric pumps for water are user-friendly constructions that are located close to a water source on the ground. It serves underground or surface source, where water is pumped through a flexible hose or a special pipe. Such devices are designed for pumping water from open tanks, shallow wells. They are ideal for watering farmlands, lawns, gardens, as well as for supplying water from mains with insufficient pressure.
You can buy surface pumps in Ukraine at wholesale by contacting us, we will be happy to assist you in choosing the equipment and make fast delivery directly from our own warehouse.

Specification of our pumps

3 meters
Head of water:
40-80 meters
540 l / h, 720 l / h, 3.5 m3 / h
Pipe diameter:
More than 100 mm

Types of surface pumps

  • Відцентровий поверхневий електронасос - це електроприлад, що найбільш часто використовувується для поливу ділянок землі. Саме він здатен перекачувати найбільший обсяг води за одиницю часу.
  • Поверхневий електронасос вихрового типу - компактний електроприлад, який використовується для колодязів та свердловин невеликої глибини. Може створювати максимально сильний напір рідини.


Centrifugal electric pump dispenses water thanks to the rotation of a wheel equipped with special vanes. Fluid is sucked into the working chamber, and pressure increase pushes it out.

Surface vortex-type electric pump sucks water into the chamber and creates a vortex inside, thereby significantly increasing energy of the flow itself.

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