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About us

«Manufacturing Enterprise «Briz» is Kharkov plant with a fully-integrated production and a 20-year history. Its main specialization is household electric pumps for boreholes, reservoirs and wells. In total, our line of products is represented by 11 positions of water pumps.

We use only Ukrainian raw materials for our products manufacturing.

Each pump is adjusted in accordance with the technical documentation and is tested on the bench.

With 20 years of working experience, own industrial and technical facilities and the use of Ukrainian components, we offer high quality products, reasonable prices and attentive service for customers.

Plant «Briz» today is a company with a wide dealership network, successfully operating in the markets of Ukraine, Romania, Georgia, Moldova and Bulgaria.

«Briz» pumps are the reliable delivery of water to your homes, gardens, fields and vegetable gardens. This guarantees your peace of mind and prosperity. Our equipment is your success!

Working with us you get:

  • Reliable equipment from the manufacturer
  • Thanks to our own production, we can guarantee the quality of our pumps

  • Attentive service
  • We value our customers and help with the choice of equipment

  • Best values
  • Own industrial and technical facilities and Ukrainian materials allow us to offer our clients best values

  • Tried and tested business schemes
  • We are always open to cooperation and offer dealers good working conditions

  • Prompt aftersales service
  • We warrant each device for 12 months

  • Uninterrupted supplies across Ukraine
  • Products are shipped to the client directly from our warehouse

Our pumps are
High quality, reasonable price
Fully-integrated production of our plant guarantees quality, and Ukrainian raw materials ensures an affordable price
Our pumps deliver water
to a height of up to 80 m.
Simplicity and strength of structures
Each pump is adjusted in accordance with the technical documentation and is tested on the bench
Water delivery up to 1500 liters per hour
Our certifications
Организация: itemprop="name">БРИЗ Телефон: +38 099-716-27-24
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