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Upper water intake

Water pump Malysh

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Rated power consumption
230 watts
Nominal head
40 m
Rated volumetric water delivery
360 l / h
Number of valves
Inner diameter of connection ports
18 mm
Rated supply voltage
220 V
50 Hz
no more than 3.1 kg
Electric shock protection class
Moisture protection level
Rated operating mode
Maximum working submergence
Pump description

Electric submersible vibration pump «Malysh» is designed to take water from any type of reservoir, well and borehole (while its diameter should be at least 10 cm). Maximum working depth of the vibration pump is 63 meters. This submersible pump operates on an upper water intake system and has one valve. If you want to buy «Malysh» pump, then know that this model is perfect for continuous operation. At the same time, we offer significantly lower price for it than business agents not only in Kharkov, but also in Ukraine.

Worth noting is that «Malysh» water pumps have a wide range of applications and can fully provide the whole family with water. They are usually used for:

  • watering gardens and vegetable gardens;
  • providing a summer cottage with drinking water from a well or borehole;
  • providing a house or a summer cottage with water for domestic needs.

Thanks to upper intake system, it does not overheat even with a great amount of work and in extremely hot weather. Another plus is that it will not pick up dirt or mud from the bottom of a river or other reservoir. The pump gives average productivity measures up to 360 l / h. It is ideal if you don’t need high power. It is perfect for watering a small garden or a vegetable garden. This pump is one of the first and most popular products of the manufacturer. Over a long period of time this product has shown good performance characteristics. As a result, it has earned many positive reviews from gardeners and vegetable growers. You can buy this product at the lowest price by filling out the purchase order below.

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