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Owners of detached and country houses, as well as summer cottages, always face the issue of water supply. In this case, choosing correct pumping equipment for water is an important step.

Consider for what purpose you need a pump:

  • for watering a garden, vegetable garden, lawn;
  • to provide a house with drinking water;
  • to maintain or increase the head in the general water supply system;
  • for pumping water;
  • for drainage works.

Appropriate equipment is selected for each of these categories.

Submersible and surface pumps are classified as water-lifting devices. They are used to supply water from wells, boreholes and nearby reservoirs.
Surface pumps are divided into:

Centrifugal and vortex-type ones.
The difference is in the way water is supplied to the top. These devices are perfect for irrigation of land.

Submersible pumps are:

Vibration and centrifugal types. They are ideal for water supply in the house. These devices can be used for pumping fluids and drainage works. Their main difference is the depth to which each of them can be lowered, the power and the possibility of pumping contaminated water.
Submersible pumps can be placed at depth of up to several tens of meters.

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